I’ve been making and marketing online brands and building websites for 15 years.




I specialise in making effective marketing websites and digital content with great photos, fun (and functional) videos, compelling text bolstered by a deeper understanding of SEO and technical marketing that will make your audience stand up and take notice.

I’m Alex Mills and I’m a hybrid image taker, maker, marketer and designer. My daily job includes being a creative director and founder at burningred, photographer, designer, videographer with a strong interest in content marketing. I have a passion for creating stories and visuals for people and businesses who have something good/useful/important* to say.

I love what I do.

Its a fresh challenge with each job, and no two jobs are the same. The concept, the brainstorming, the preparation, creatively wrestling opinions and ideas like big daddy, the shoot, the post production & editing, the application to marketing collateral, the marketing … even the reporting.

All of them still give me a creative buzz that keeps me coming back for more. 

I take the seed of an idea and feed it Miracle Gro until it blooms into a something spectacular. I expand your idea to its fullest potential and create roadmaps for us to end up at something that is really, well, beautiful.

I make that blank bit of paper into something special.

I make stories to intrigue and engage and shoot with design and brand in mind. I also do public speaking on a range of subjects from branding, design, the importance of great, original content and photography.

I am based in the UK, but work world-wide.

You can also find me on twitterinstagram & flickr.