2019: The year of less perfection

My geometric pineapple - it ‘ain’t perfect, but I like it!

My geometric pineapple - it ‘ain’t perfect, but I like it!

It’s that time of year where we all make boundless, bashful and sometimes bewildering promises to ourselves in the hope of achieving a new-found nirvana for the new year ahead. The sort of wild self-promise that only two weeks of bulking and bingeing can induce.

I suppose, it’s a cathartic experience - put yourself through an enforced ‘stop’ before you can start again… to peek into inactivity, or using inactivity to refresh. Whatever way you look at it, it is a good thing to stop occasionally.

I have failed so many times at achieving my New Years’ goals - that this year I’ve decided to do something a little easier, well, to make it a little easier on myself … and that is to strive for ‘less perfection’.

That isn’t to say that my quality control for my day-job is to go out of the window - in all honesty, I’ve been evangelising to clients for years now about how sometimes ‘good enough, is good enough’ (in a marketing arena I hasten to add, where best results can come from just ‘throwing it out there’).

For me, this means not being so hard on myself, or feeling I have to hold back on putting things out there because I fear rejection or worst still, criticism. I will release personal projects and content that I am still to some degree unhappy with, I will push stuff out there, even if I can see glaring, however minor issues that personally don’t sit too comfortably.

For clients, this means I will STILL continue to nag you to put stuff out there that isn’t (sometimes) perfect, but great for your audience. But, I will also strive to do the best work I can possibly do with the means I have.

Thanks to Gary Veynerchuk for inspiring my New Year’s resolution! See the video below.

Here’s to making 2019 ‘less perfect’!