My services

I work with anyone to get the results you need. From individuals and start up businesses through to large companies and governments (and yes, I’ve dealt with a few of those aswell!)

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Website & online brand

I can plan, design, create and implement website and online brands. It’s never as simple as ‘popping up a website’ or ‘creating a logo’ - the common denominator is always ‘content and what makes you different’ - what actually goes into your website, how you sound, what you look like, what your company / service feels like.

This is why it’s never a case of ‘just a website’ - its about presenting your self / company / business in the best possible light.

small business websites / personal sites / small-medium ecommerce / woocommerce / squarespace / wordpress / website planning and migration of content.

Digital marketing (facebook / google / PPC)

Getting or having a website is one thing - getting people to it is another entirely different aspect. This is where digital marketing makes that difference. Business and consumer audiences both require different tactics and strategies - but the one thing is the same, your message and your offering to the right audience.

I can craft facebook, instagram and google advertising campaigns that won’t cost the earth and will get your business offering underneath the right audience.

Enewsletters / facebook advertising and marketing / google PPC / instagram adverts and stories / campaigns / Search engine optimisation (SEO) / website reporting and consultation / social media marketing

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Design & Imagery

I’m a ‘natty’ designer - I create slick, clean and presentable brands with personality. I extract what is unique about you and put this into visual and written form. From logos through to eflyers, from product mockups through to shop branding and design.

Logos / branding / product mockups / flyers / eflyers / etc


Photography & video

I can produce photographic and video content to your needs. From high-end advertising through to ‘behind the scenes’ reportage content. I use professional Nikon equipment but never underestimate what you can achieve with an iphone too! I match the job and requirement with the right tools. Some of my best achievements have been through quick iphone videos and content production - a bit of planning and an idea for storytelling can seriously go a long way!

Hero imagery / social media / video blogs / tutorials / video adverts / advertising imagery / image editing / video editing